My Husband Died the Day After Being Given Avelox

by Patsy

I lost my husband the next day after he was given samples of Avelox. He was being treated for a sinus infection with Amoxicilin with no side effects. He was also given two injections,a steroid and a anti inflammatory before leaving the office. He was not acting right when he returned home. He was to weak later that evening to see our sons truck he had just purchased. He took all of his medicine that evening as usual. He was sound asleep and didn't seem to be having any problems when I got in bed for the night. At 4:00am Sam got up as usual and I got our coffee started. I was sitting on our bed with my cup when he came out of the BR. saying something wasn't right here and for me to call the pharmacy.

While I was on the phone he walked to our bed sat down was needing a breathing treatment but was unable to. He then wet himself,slowly laid down on the bed,his lips were already blue and his eyes were glazed over. I started CPR. until help was to arrive shortly. The Sheriffs showed up first, and then the EMT'S. they saw that my husbands throat was swollen and so they couldn't insert a tube past his swollen tongue. I couldn't believe no one did a tracheostomy to save him.

At the hospital he still was not given any oxygen so after an hour and half we had to pronounce him dead. Now I have a case on this matter so good luck to everyone out there who are suffering from this terrible medication.

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