Pain, Swelling and Dizziness after Taking Levaquin

by Cheryl
(New York )

During the time of taking Levaquin I experienced a situation that I never had before. I took Levaquin for five days after which I removed myself from the medication. My hands and joints all over my body were in such pain I did not sleep for three nights. They were so swollen and numb I was afraid my rings would have to be cut off. While still experiencing this situation, I awoke to the room swirling around me.

I ended up going to the emergency room at the local hospital where they diagnosed it as a reaction to the medication. They told me it could take a few weeks to go away. It is now a week and my hands are still numb and I almost fell on the cement sidewalk today when I experienced nausea and spinning. I was not near home and quite scared.

Cheryl Rudolph

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