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If you take Ibuprofen on a regular basis, you should understand the Ibuprofen Side Effects very carefully as they can be serious, but are often understated by the medical profession. Ibuprofen is in a class of pain relievers called 'Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs', commonly known as NSAID's and is pronounced as if it were the word 'N- Saids'. Ibuprofen is also commonly called by its brand names of Advil and Motrin as well, but they are all the same drug.

Ibuprofen is an 'Over the Counter' pain and fever reducer that has been used for decades. Much like its cousin Tylenol, it has been commonly used for so long by so many people that it is generally considered an EXTREMELY safe drug and as such is given to children, infants and even newborns in hospitals and doctor's offices around the world. But, again like Tylenol Side Effects and Aspirin Side Effects it CAN have serious and even deadly problems that most medical professionals are just not likely to tell you about.

Ibuprofen Side Effects

Ibuprofen side effects have two sides to them. Many studies show that Ibuprofen side effects are EXTREMELY minimal and that its Side Effects profile is often even better than that of the placebos (sugar pills) that they are being compared to. Despite the results of studies, however, complications exist in real life usage to the extent that the US Food and Drug Administration has two 'Black Box Warnings' - the strongest warning given by the FDA- on Ibuprofen. Some of the most serious problems from the side effects of Ibuprofen are:

 These are really the majority of serious Ibuprofen Side Effects that occur, and the kidney damage and gastrointestinal problems really only seem to occur in people with heavy long term usage and/or who drink alcohol. So, in essence, most of the studies that show it is extremely safe only look at the short term use that occurs in these studies. But when Ibuprofen Side Effects are looked at over a much longer term in people that use them heavily- as many people do in real life- then a different picture of this 'Safe' drug appears.

Kidney Damage from Ibuprofen Side Effects

The kidney damage that can occur as Side Effects of Ibuprofen has been coming to light as several members of the NBA, including Alonzo Mourning, have developed serious kidney damage. While there are many, including some of the players' own medical staff, that deny that NSAIDs were a contributing factor in their illnesses, the players themselves seem to have no doubt of the drug's contributing factor and say that NSAIDs like Ibuprofen were handed out 'like candy' by trainers and other staff members trying to ease the constant aches and pains inherent in such high level athletes.

Dr. Gerald Chodak, a clinical professor of urology at the University of Chicago. said "Decreased kidney function is a known side effect with almost every anti-inflammatory you can think of."

Aspirin Induced Asthma

While the condition is called 'ASPIRIN' induced asthma, Ibuprofen side effects are also a contributing factor to this interesting illness. If you have asthma, be sure to read the page here on Aspirin and Asthma. Many people who just think that they have a standard form of asthma may not be aware that asthma attacks can be triggered by taking Ibuprofen in susceptible people. And up to 28% of people with asthma have this problem. But since the problems with Aspirin and Asthma is not widely known, many people may have this problem and just simply not know it.

Gastrointestinal Bleeding

This is one of the most well known Ibuprofen Side Effects for good reason. While nearly every drug has nausea and vomiting as some of the most Common Side Effects, gastrointestinal bleeding is a very serious side effect that is likely to end you up in the hospital at best, and dead at worst. Also called a 'GI Bleed' in medical speak, this side effect is the reason for one of the 'Black Box Warnings' on the product by the FDA.

"Risk of GI bleeding was increased 2-3 fold among
recent users of aspirin, ibuprofen and other
non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) at OTC doses,
with risk increasing in a dose-related manner."

Over the counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and risk of gastrointestinal bleeding

 Heavy usage of alcohol and heavy usage of NSAIDS puts you at a higher risk for this most serious of the Ibuprofen Side Effects, but based on many studies, occasional short-term usage seems to be safe in healthy people without a history of GI Bleed, kidney problems or alcohol use. Unfortunately, too many people use these drugs 'like candy' , like they do (or did) until recently in the NBA, and they end up paying for it with lifelong kidney problems or a scary hospital stay with blood transfusions and a lifelong medical history of having had a GI Bleed- which means that you have an increased risk of having ANOTHER GI Bleed in the future.

Alternatives to Ibuprofen

For Fever: On the Tylenol Side Effects page, there are instructions on how to reduce fever like your grandmother would have. A room temperature (NOT cold!) bath or sponge bath is a time tested effective way to bring down a high fever. If the fever is not particularly high, then consider letting the fever 'run its course'.

Researchers are beginning to believe that a fever actually has a function in helping us to get well and that by stopping a fever with medications, we could be preventing natural bodily processes that can actually be helping us.

 For Pain: While the NBA is said to be passing out NSAID's like candy, in Russia, they are passing out digestive enzymes. Why digestive enzymes? Many studies have shown that digestive enzymes can reduce the pain and inflammation from chronic pain and injuries just as well as Ibuprofen or Tylenol – without the Ibuprofen Side Effects that can be so dangerous. And the interesting thing is that the digestive enzymes can actually help to repair damaged muscle tissue leading to quicker recovery from injuries and working out.

Curcumin C3® (Turmeric) w/ Bioperine® and Ginger are also effective anti-inflammatory and pain relieving substances that have been used safely for these conditions for thousands of years. You can read about the Side Effects of Turmeric here to see what an incredibly safe substance this is.

Getting the power of digestive enzymes plus turmeric and ginger together is easy. If you would like an alternative to these potentially dangerous pain relieving drugs, then Heal and Soothe is an excellent product that contains Turmeric, Ginger and Digestive Enzymes and is backed with a money back guarantee.

 Other Alternatives to NSAIDS and Tylenol

  • Heal and Soothe- Combination of turmeric, ginger and digestive enzymes with pain and inflammation relieving properties
  • Reverse Arthritis- Get this free ebook that will teach you how to reverse arthritis
  • Tendonitis Expert- Get help reversing problems such as carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, and other forms of tendontis. 

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