Levaquin Sinus Infection
Is the High Risk Worth it?

If you are looking for information about Levaquin Sinus Infection Treatment , then you've come to the right place. While doctors commonly prescribe Levaquin for sinus infections and levaquin sinusitis, you should learn what the facts are about sinus infections and using Levaquin and other Quinolone Antibiotics in order to treat this common problem that, most often, doesn't need antibiotics.

While your doctor may have prescribed you Levaquin Sinus Infection Treatment, you may want to think twice about this. First of all, a recent Mayo Clinic study found that 93% of All Chronic Sinus Infections are Fungal Infections! This is extremely important for you to know because antibiotics should NOT be used for fungal infections since they ONLY work for bacterial infections.

Doctors are quick to hand out a prescription for potentially dangerous antibiotics when they simply have no idea what bacteria is causing your sinus infection, or whether the antibiotics are even needed. The Mayo Clinic study shows that, the vast majority of the time, antibiotics are NOT indicated and will absolutely not be of help to you… and they may be dangerous.

Dangers of Levaquin
Sinus Infection Treatment

Wow! I don’t even know where to start on this topic because using Levaquin Sinus Infection treatment is so amazingly risky that, in my opinion, using the class of drugs called Quinolone Antibiotics, of which Levaquin is one and you can find a Full List of Quinolones here, for ANY non life-threatening problem like a sinus infection is criminal malpractice.

Levaquin Sinus Infection Treatment is risky. 93% of chronic sinus infections are fungal and antibiotics won't work

Levaquin and other Quinolone Antibiotics have been implicated in a condition known as Levaquin Tendonitis, Cipro Tendonitis or what I call Levaquin Toxicity. While the VAST majority of people do not have any problems using Levaquin sinusitis treatment, a small but extremely significant number of people have EXTREME reactions to these antibiotics- sometimes on the first dose.

While I use the word 'Reaction', this is an understatement. People, even healthy 20 year olds, have had their lives RUINED and have become permanently disabled with joint, muscle and neurologic problems from the use of these antibiotics- many of them using these drugs for Levaquin Sinus Infection Treatment. While it's true that there is a VERY small chance of having problems when using these drugs, the most common statement that I hear from each and every person who has been affected by these drugs is, "If only I'd have known, I'd have NEVER EVER taken this drug." So, now you DO know.

Alternatives to Levaquin
Sinus Infection Treatment

As I said before, the VAST MAJORITY of chronic sinus infections are FUNGAL Infections and are not bacterial- so in MOST cases you do NOT need an antibiotic. Let me say that again. Antibiotics ONLY treat bacterial infections, they do NOT kill viruses, fungi, parasites or anything else that is not a bacteria. A fungus is not a bacteria- it's a fungus and is not killed with antibiotics. So if you have a fungal infection not only are antibiotics NOT the correct treatment, they are DETRIMENTAL to your health because they will kill the Good Bacteria in your digestive tract, but they will NOT kill the fungus in your sinuses.

Levaquin sinusitis treatment and any other antibiotics are, in most cases, not the right medicine for sinus infections despite the fact that your doctor is handing you a prescription for antibiotics. Many people have even been prescribed the amazingly dangerous combination of Levaquin and Prednisone, a strong anti-inflammatory drug, at the same time for sinusitis or other non life-threatening illnesses. This combination is playing Russian Roulette with your health- and there are about 150 other Levaquin Drug Interactions for you to worry about if you take this dangerous drug.

Levaquin Sinus Infection Treatment puts you at risk for Fluoroquinolone Toxicity and Levaquin Side Effects

So, one possible alternative to Levaquin Sinus Infection treatment is… nothing. As long as you don't have a fever then you probably don't need ANY treatment at all except some pain relievers and decongestants. For those that get chronic sinus infections, I suggest you get the Sinus Infection Cure that Works, a program to help you beat your sinus infections without drugs. 

While these devices do take a bit of getting used to, they are FAR more comfortable than the extreme and permanent pain and disability that you are risking when you use Levaquin Sinus Infection Treatment for your non life- threatening non-bacterial infection.

An alternative to Levaquin Sinus Infection treatment is not for everyone, and there are certainly SOME people who will need antibiotics to get better, but most people do not need antibiotics at all for sinus infections. Those who truly do need antibiotics COULD be given any number of other antibiotics that would be FAR safer, and have no danger of permanent pain and disability from Levaquin Toxicity. Keep reading to find out more about the serious Side Effects of Levaquin...

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